How to Amplify the Audio Experience in Your Car?

Your car is indeed one of the best places to enjoy your kind of music. Nevertheless, let us be honest. Do you really think that the quality of music that the car audios provide with, is by anyways comparable with what you enjoy at home? Why satisfy yourself with a mediocre performing music unit when a little bit of addition and alteration can go a long way to make a difference?

Speaking About Your Car’s Speakers

More than often, the speakers of a vehicle’s audio system remain very poorly designed. This is primarily because even a number of premium car manufacturers pay very negligible attention to design them. The best car audio store in California stock on a number of sophisticated aftermarket speakers. You might want to shop around a little to look for a nice replacement. However, to make the most of your investment, you would rather go for an amplifier. A separate amplifier would help you enjoy cleaner, crispier sound quality. With cheap quality amplifiers and speakers, you will only get what you are paying for.

Sub Box-The Secret That Lies Under

Are you using a sealed sub-woofer box in your car audio? Then make sure that it is indeed sealed. Any type of sound leakage can negatively affect the sound quality of your subwoofer box. Again, if you are using a ported box, then ensure that you are buying a fitting woofer box. A sub-woofer, which is meant for an enclosed box would literally destroy the sound system. When it comes to the box, you also need to take care that you build it with the right interior volume of your chosen sub-woofer. Any mismatch can lead to poor sound performance.

On Pushing the Subs Hard

Those who have designed your car might not have the sub-woofer in mind. A number of car manufacturers simply miss the point that the big bass system literally consumes huge quantity of power. Most of the electronics are not equipped enough to deal with them. A capacitor is the answer to the problem. It is available in most of the premier car audio stores in California. A capacitor plays the role of a buffer between the car’s battery and amplifier. You would just need to connect the cap on the power cable from the battery. Ensure that you keep the amplifier as close to by the car as possible.

About the Capacitor

The capacitor works by storing up power from your car’s alternator. It releases the saved and stored power to meet the amplifier’s power requirements. This, in turn, helps to reproduce bigger and more impactful bass. You would often sense a significant drop in performance. You see that happening especially after running the sub woofers hard and loud for some minutes. You will also see that sometimes, the light of the card getting dinner after you play the music loud for some time. Using a capacitor would help to manage these issues.